The convergence of technology, rates, customer engagement and regulations is driving significant changes in the energy industry. NewGen helps our clients navigate these increasingly disruptive trends and deliver a tangible path forward.

The increasing pace of these customer, regulatory, and market related changes are amplifying uncertainty, demand destruction, capital investment, and stakeholder issues for utilities. At NewGen we excel at tackling these complicated issues to deliver a clear, enduring path forward for our clients. To succeed in this new reality, our team provides deep, diverse, and integrated perspectives on strategy, technology, stakeholder engagement, and analytics.

An effective, integrated strategy is required to navigate the evolving market. The convergence of technology, customer, regulatory and financial operating demands on utilities often results in multiple fragmented plans. A single integrated roadmap provides the guide for decision making, adapting to the market, and aligning the organization.

The rapid pace of and expectations for technology advancements is powering the competitive landscape while providing new opportunities for utilities. With the continued expansion of technology facilitating smart meters, microgrids, data analytics, and distributed generation, utilities must begin implementing strategic and tactical decisions to align and leverage their resources to remain competitive and financially sustainable.

As technology and the market drive increased data demands on utilities, the ability to navigate and synthesize this sea of data to develop dynamic and informative analytics is critical for small and large utilities alike. Increasing data demands and continuing uncertainty requires pragmatic and robust financial tools, interactive dashboards, and market analytics to quickly evaluate, inform, and defend decisions.

Gathering insight while communicating the organization's direction through focused stakeholder engagement is quickly becoming the norm and a best practice for utilities. Expansion of utility technology, choices, and customer interactions drives increased stakeholder interest. Early stakeholder engagement identifies key issues and leads to broader endorsement of strategic decisions and related initiatives.

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