Solid Waste

In addition to the increasingly complex stream of recyclables that many communities are wanting to divert from landfills, new food waste goals set by the EPA, continued movement toward CNG fleets, and volatile markets for the recyclables collected by cities, solid waste utilities are tasked with providing affordable solid waste services for both residential and commercial customers while maintaining low rates and limiting rate increases.

At NewGen, we work with municipal solid waste service providers to develop a comprehensive financial and operational strategy to manage their costs while continuing to offer additional services or improve the current services provided. NewGen is keenly aware of the pressures solid waste utilities face in balancing rising costs with providing a high quality service experience. Concurrently, utilities must plan for future capital investments (both vehicles and facilities), while optimizing and leveraging those investments to mitigate future rate increases.

Our approach to cost of service and rate design studies, financial feasibility studies, comprehensive solid waste management plans, operational reviews, and procurement support services supports our clients' successful implementation, management, and monitoring of a portfolio of programs. This further ensures our clients’ communities receive the best value for their dollar.

NewGen provides defensible, thoughtful analyses and sound recommendations to help position our clients in a secure financial position to meet today's challenges while planning for tomorrow.

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