Water / Wastewater

Water and Wastewater Utilities face an increasing challenge to appropriately price their commodity or service, which is unique to each community, while encouraging the responsible use of a limited resource. This challenge of ensuring the financial integrity of the utility while promoting conservation, often conflicts with traditional pricing signals.

NewGen assists Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Utilities in navigating this challenge by providing the tools and analyses needed to efficiently and effectively plan, finance, develop, and manage their systems. Our proven approach is driven by defining the inherent value of limited resources, navigating regulatory and environmental demands, developing a funding plan, and conveying the plan to councils and communities in an easy to understand manner.

Embedded in our approach is an understanding of the challenges utilities face and the regulatory, social, and political realities many of our clients must address. One of the keys within this planning process is considering and balancing costs associated with deferred maintenance needs and future capital investment, all while promoting stewardship and protecting resource access for low or fixed income customers. This comprehensive approach secures critical stakeholder endorsement and approval and further ensures successful implementation.

In every case, our approach and solutions are tailored to each client and their unique operating environment, ensuring lasting value and long-term results.

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Chris Ekrut