NewGen's Approach

In a complex and changing landscape, the focus is to provide public utility services that are affordable, reliable, and sustainable.  Navigating the challenges of balancing long-term infrastructure investment, maintaining customer satisfaction, and the sheer amount of data available to drive decision-making can be overwhelming. 

Our approach utilizes your data, market trends, and community values to provide an integrated view designed to make long-term decisions with confidence.  We leverage our modeling technology and market expertise in energy, solid waste, stormwater, water, and wastewater to solve your most complicated issues.  Through proactive collaboration, we upgrade or design strategies to ensure responsiveness, transparency, and reliability while paving the way for successful buy-in across all your stakeholders.

Stakeholder Communications
NewGen simplifies complex concepts by combining our visual tools and training expertise to deliver a deep understanding of how the issues and underlying data drive our recommendations.

Operational Insights

NewGen makes your data operational. Using your existing and untapped data, we identify the nexus between financial and operational realities underlying pricing decisions.

Trusted Expertise

NewGen integrates the insights of nationally recognized experts into our models, which have been pressure tested throughout the regulatory and civil process.