NewGen Core Competencies
Regulatory and Civil Proceedings as Expert Witnesses
Number of Regulatory Bodies Testified Before

The evolving water and energy market landscapes are driving increased regulatory needs and credible utility expert witnesses. This evolving landscape impacts our clients' bottom line, market position, wholesale agreements, competitiveness, cost recovery, and rate options. To succeed in today's regulatory proceedings, one needs a comprehensive perspective, deep expertise, and the ability to effectively communicate the issues.

NewGen's expert witnesses deliver a unique, comprehensive perspective, having developed testimony on behalf of utilities, customers, and commissions in both state and federal regulatory processes. In total, NewGen’s experts deliver the experience and insight gained from contributing to more than 200 regulatory filings or cases.

Whether state, federal, or municipal regulatory proceedings, both legal counsels and clients need reliable and qualified partners during the litigation process. NewGen's team of veteran experts consists of members with CPA, MBA, MPA, PE, and CAPM designations. In fact, NewGen has developed and leads training and continuing education courses on utility Cost of Service/Rate Making and Expert Witness testimony. Our academic and professional credentials combined with our extensive experience, ensure a reliable, qualified, and defensible approach.

Our proven approach delivers a unique value and results in the trust of our clients. This value is based on our strategic insight into the issues and tactics employed by the three key (i.e., regulator, utility, and customer) perspectives in regulatory proceedings and our ability to effectively communicate the issues. Delivering this value leads to our client's trust and is further defined by our understanding that the right expert becomes the client's voice in testimony. Our experts' ability to communicate complex issues in clear, concise terms is where NewGen excels.