NewGen Consultants (as SAIC/Leidos) were retained in March 2013 to conduct a comprehensive operational assessment and management study for the Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency (landfill, MRF, transfer station), Santa Fe County (rural citizen convenience centers), and the City of Santa Fe (all recycling and solid waste services within the City). A cost of service as well as comprehensive operational assessment of each utility was conducted with a prioritization of recommendations as well as a quantification of “one-time” and “annual savings” to be generated by each entity. The comprehensive report was issued in December 2014. A key issue addressed within the City’s phase of the study was an examination of the cost of implementing a commercial food waste collection program within the downtown area of Santa Fe (the Plaza area).

Due to the success of the study, NewGen entered into a contract with the Agency in January 2015 to help with implementing some of the recommendations. NewGen also entered into a contract with the County to help with a procurement regarding organized collection. In 2016, Mr. Yanke assisted the Agency in establishing a formal reserve policy that was adopted by the Joint Powers Board in April 2016.

Most recently, NewGen conducted updates to the solid waste cost of service studies for both the Agency and the City, which were completed in mid-2021. These studies resulted in the first rate increase in 10 years, as well as an essential tipping fee increase and the implementation of an MRF processing fee. These changes went into effect October 2021.