After developing water and wastewater rates for the Village of Libertyville (the Village) in 2015 and 2019, NewGen was engaged to develop a new Stormwater Utility Fee to fund the Village’s recently adopted Master Stormwater Management Plan. The Plan identified over $45.5 million in stormwater improvements to provide protection within the Village (population 22,000) up to the 100-year storm event level. The Village desired a new dedicated funding source for both the operating and capital costs of the improved drainage system.

NewGen helped identify the impact of policy decisions on the level of service provided by the Village, including credit and appeal policies. Given the policy guidelines of the Village, NewGen developed a 25-year revenue requirement projection. NewGen then developed several fee structure alternatives, including fees based on the average residential impervious area (ERU) and fees based on the intensity of development of each parcel. The various fee alternatives allowed the Village to evaluate customer impacts on both the individual and customer class level. Ultimately, the Village was able to identify the fee structure that most closely aligned with the policy goals and philosophy of the Village.

NewGen also supported a robust public information campaign in anticipation of the fees going into effect on September 1, 2020.